The Best Things you can do in Laayoune

Laayoune is a very splendid city. It is located in Western Sahara Territory and it is being visited by tourists all around the world each year. It is the capital region of El Hamra in Morocco. As it is a desert city so its climate is just similar to a desert. The best thing about this city is that its climate is regulated to moderate by the gulf stream of northern Atlantic. It has the Saharan culture and lifestyle; so many people visit this place to explore it. It is no doubt a worth seeing place. In this article, we are telling you about some amazing places that you can visit in Laayoune. Let’s have a look.

The Grand Mosque of Laayoune

The full name of this grand mosque is Mosquee Moulay Abdel Aziz. No doubt it is a very elegant mosque and it is located in the center of Laayoune city. Because of the tallest minaret of this mosque, it is said to be the tallest building in this city. To match the color of the mosque with the rest of the city it is painted in pink which gives a very soft and peaceful feeling. The mosque is just reflecting the elegant and splendid culture of this city and Morocco. It is no doubt a worth seeing religious site.

The El Mchawar Place

This place has beautiful towers and shades and it is a large public square. This place is connected to the grand mosque. It is a good place for people and they gather here with their families and friends. The night view of this place is gorgeous because the poles are lit up and they give a very bright look. You can spend some of your time there to explore this amazing place. It is really a beautiful landmark.

Just Go and Buy memento from Ensemble Artisanal   

The most beautiful thing that you will find in the whole Sahara desert is Ensemble Artisanal. In Sahara desert, the craftsmen make many types of jewelry and artworks and it is being displayed and sold by them. Ensemble Artisanal is an attractive crafts market and it is located opposite to El Mchawar and it is just behind the grand mosque. Here the tourists go to collect different types of crafts and souvenir.

The Great Spanish Cathedral

It is an amazing place of interest in Laayoune and its full name is St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral.  Shortly it is known as Spanish cathedral. When there was Spanish colonial regime in Western Sahara then this cathedral was made by them. It is amazingly displaying the mixed culture of Spain and Sahara desert. It is also painted in pink to resemble the whole city. It is also a religious site.

The Wadi of Saguia el-Hamra 

Saguia el-Hamra is a wadi or a seasonal river. It is located in the north of this city. It is the great water reservoir of this city and is formed due to making a dam. This place has amazing natural beauty and it has palm trees and lakes.