Significance of Media Literacy in Art and Humanities

The both of the terms arts and humanities with media literacy are the disciplines of the old and modern literature, language, philosophy, performing art and the visuals. All these are helpful in exploring, recreating, sharing and expressing the experiences of the human. There is no any perfect or the specific definition of arts and humanities, but it can be taken in the vast meaning. These subjects need expression that is offered via media. It can be defined in different ways as it has various definitions due to the variety of the fields. Media always throw message in hidden words. To understand the expression of the subject it is important to understand media and all its forms. It delivers various standards in various fields. The importance of the art in the life of people varies from field to field.

What is Humanities?

In terms of definition the humanities can be stated as the ideas, stories, and the words that are used to make the sense of the life. It introduces you to the people in terms of socialization and the ideas that can change the mind in terms of creation. It helps us to realize that what are the needs of the life and what factors are important in the life. There are two terms can be mixed together but both are different.

  1. Humanities
  2. Humanism

Humanities is the term that helps to face the challenges that we are going to tackle in our routine life. The humanism is the concern that is related to charity and the reforms that we prefer to save humanity. It can be known as the food of the soul because you can satisfy your soul by doing these welfare deeds.

What is Art?

Art is the relationship between soul and body. It provides the strength to your thoughts and entertain the soul with spiritual ideas. It is the representation of the dreams of a man that are symbolized in different ways through the art of the artists. It is the true source to maintain the objectives of life. It teaches how to express yourself through your skills. A person can enjoy the life by showing the creation and this creativity is done through the medium of art. It is a vast field that is very simple.

Relationship of Arts and Humanities with media literacy:

These two terms have a great association between them because they are related to each other in different ways. The certainty of creation is based on the arts and humanities both. There is not any single definition of arts and humanities, but these are related to each other.

Media is a prime source of literacy and creative ideas. It is an excellent support to form the society in the way that socialism needs. Media literacy teaches you how to balance the passions, how to relate yourself, how to spend life with your soul and how to enjoy the life in your existing sources. There are different disciplines of the humanities such as literature, philosophy, history and many more. The modern civilizations can be created with the help of the both factors and media plays integral role in the progress of these disciplines. Media language is the real mean to enjoy various aspects of life with its true meaning.