For my nephew’s first birthday, my sister decided to create a DIY Photo Booth. Given the fact that most the children attending were really young, organized play wasn’t quite an option.  So she thought during all of the running around, parents might like to get photos with their kids, AND it would be a great way to get pictures of all of the guests without having to chase after them!
She kept it fairly simple with a black backdrop, photo props, her tripod, camera, and remote (so people wouldn’t have to play around with the timer).  She set it up in her laundry room because its fairly long, has a sliding door to create privacy and it was out of the way. Above is what it looked like all set-up. Fairly simple, yet functional!
To set-up your own photobooth these are the things you will need:
Backdrop – pick any fabric or paper (wrapping paper works well) and pin or tape (painter’s tape works well) to your wall
Photobooth Sign – she told all of the guests when they arrived where the photobooth was. The sign was stuck on the door so that people would know when it was in use.   Recognize the elephant from this blog post?
Photobooth Instructions – so people know what to do when they are in there. Saves time, especially if you’re busy with other guests.
*You can print the following instructions onto cardstock and frame it, or stick it to the wall:
1. Grab some friends and/or your kids!
2. Pick some props
3. Write a message
4. Organize yourselves (or not)
5. Strike a pose!
6. Stand within the markings on the ground and take a photo using the remote.
7. Previous messages can be wiped off with a slightly damp cloth.
8. Please ask [insert host/helper name(s) here] if you need any assistance!
Props – she found a great printable from Kensie Kate and printed it on cardstock, cut each of them out and hot glued it to sticks (coffee stir sticks and wooden dowels). However, you can also use lollipop sticks or fancy paper straws! The printable is a free PDF that you can print out in colour, black and white, or outline!
*In addition to the printable props, she also cut out the bowties and eyeglasses using the Cricut Machine with the Everyday Paper Dolls Cartridge.
Shoebox – to stand all of the props up. She just poked holes in the lid and slid them in.
Chalkboard – remember the framed chalkboards I made?  She used those so that people could write messages to the birthday boy! (that’s step 3 on the instructions to the guests)
Chalk Ink Markers – to write the messages with
Damp cloth or paper towel – to erase previous messages
Painter’s Tape – to tape up backdrop, mark where the tripod goes (in case it’s accidentally moved), and to put markings on the floor so people know where to stand.
I know my family and I had fun in the photo booth!!
Please feel free to share your experience if you make a photobooth of your own!
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  • Justine Y Jun 17, 2013

    Some great tips for a DIY photo booth, thanks!

    • Marie Jun 18, 2013

      Your very welcome. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Katherines Corner Jun 22, 2013

    Such a great idea. I bet the photos are great. Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  • Krista Low Jun 26, 2013

    I love this!!! My boys would think this is so fun. I have to do this one day this summer. Have a bunch of their friends come over and let them go to town. Fabulous idea! This will be featured @ Great Idea Thursday’s 🙂 Krista @ A Handful of Everything

    • Marie Jun 27, 2013

      Thanks Krista! I’m sure they will love it, and what great memories for your boys.

  • maria Jan 25, 2014

    Very very cute, looks like great fun for any kids that love to be a HAM! Love it
    thanks again

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