For my nephew’s first birthday, my sister decided to go with a “cute as a button” theme. As always, I was responsible for making the cookies and cupcakes for his party. Originally, I was going to make round sugar cookies and then pipe royal icing on them to make them look like buttons. I happened to be really busy the week leading up to his party so I was exhausted by Thursday night. (the night I would have started making the cookies) So, instead of making decorated cookies, I simply made the cookies look like buttons. This took a few hours less than if I were to ice them.

I made the usual sugar cookie dough, but you can also use shortbread. I rolled the dough out to 1/4″ thick and cut out circles using my 2″ circle cookie cutter. I happened to have a dip cup with thick rim which fit perfectly on the inside edge of the cutout. I used it to make a dent in the circle cutouts. *You don’t have to make the dent and the cookies will still look good. The last picture in this post shows some of the ones that were just cut out and have 4 holes in them.

I used a lollipop stick to pierce 4 holes in the center of each circle cutout. Then placed the button cookies onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and baked them.

Pretty simple and no need for icing or waiting for them to dry! They would have been cute as a favor in little bags with a nice topper, but my sister was already giving out giant bubbles to all the kids coming to the party. We just served them on the table along with the cupcakes.

The cute as a button theme was in turquoise and yellow so I kneaded food coloring (gel paste ) into some of the dough before rolling it out and forming the buttons. They turned out pretty cute and the guests really liked them!

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