I have been wanting to create a message board for my house for the longest time, and finally had the chance.  I have a cork bulletin board, but I prefer a magnetic one for ease of use.

It was relatively easy to make a magnet board once I found all of the materials.  There was a lot of waiting…for glue to dry, but it wasn’t hard to stay occupied with other things!  In the end I think it turned out quite well. I can’t wait to hang it up on the wall!  Above is what it looks like…so far (my brother-in-law is going to make a frame for me to put around it. Just to add a little character.)

To make your own magnetic bulletin board here is a list of supplies:

Cardboard or foam board or chip board (I used chip board from Home Depot. It’s a little heavier, but my brother-in-law insisted that it would be better given the size I made – 30″x40″) The metal was also purchased and cut at Home Depot.
Joist lining
(Found in the plumbing section at Home Depot – it’s thin, light, and inexpensive – $5!)
Gorilla Glue
Spray Adhesive
Rotary cutter
Cutting mat

When purchasing your supplies, you will have some decision making to do.  What size board do you want, and where will you put it?  This will influence the fabric you pick, and of course what size material to buy.

Your fabric should be 2 inches wider than the size of your board (to wrap around the back). If you’re worried about sharp corners, make the backing (cardboard/foam board/chip board) 1 inch larger than the metal.  I made mine the exact same size since its going in a frame.

Once you have your supplies, cut it all to the right size.  All of my materials were cut at the stores I bought them from. My fabric was the exact size I needed, so I only had to cut the corners – which I’ll show you later.  But if you need to cut yours, I suggest using a rotary cutter for precision.

Note: if you don’t want to get any glue on any surfaces, lay down some newspaper – especially when using the spray adhesive (that’s later as well…..when covering with fabric).

Now let’s get started!

1.  Glue the metal to the backing, using the Gorilla Glue. The glue expands, so you don’t have to be too generous. I did squiggles back and forth and then lines around the perimeter.  Carefully put the metal down, line it up, press down everywhere, then clamp it.

Depending on the size you make – if it’s large like mine – it works best if you put something heavy to cover the entire surface and then clamp.  Now wait for it to dry (2 hours).

2.  Iron your fabric in the meantime.  Then enjoy a cup of tea…..that’s what I did. 🙂

Okay, now that it’s dry…(about 2 hours later)

3.  Using the spray adhesive, spray the entire surface (metal side up), and carefully smooth the fabric onto the surface. I held my breath and opened a window since I was indoors and it smelled!  In hindsight, I should have waited for the weather to warm up and did this part outside!

*I folded my fabric in half lengthwise, and unfolded it onto the board. You have a quick opportunity to reposition the fabric before smoothing it out if you have to, while the glue is still tacky. Smooth out the fabric and rub out any air bubbles.

I found out later that there’s a tool to help you do this! A rubber brayer…..

Allow it to dry for an hour. So time for another cup of tea and a snack!

Now that it’s dry…(an hour later)

4.  Flip the board over and using fabric scissors, clip the corners. It makes it easier to fold the fabric down and glue.  Apply a thin line of gorilla glue on one side and fold the fabric over. Repeat for the remaining 3 sides.  Allow it to dry.

And there you go, your magnetic bulletin board is all ready for some cute magnets!

To hang it on the wall, the person at the store who cut the board for me suggested Command Strips. That way you can easily move it, supposedly without leaving any marks on your wall. I have yet to try them.

Check HERE to see how I made some magnets to go with my board!

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  • Megan May 6, 2013

    What a great idea!

  • Anu@MyDreamCanvas May 6, 2013

    What a lovely idea. I look forward to you stopping by My Dream Canvas. I am hosting a spring soiree at my home 🙂 The party also includes a giveaway by the famous tabletop and giftware brand Mikasa. Hope to see you there!! Have a great week.

  • Tanya Anurag May 8, 2013

    Very neatly done.

  • You make it look so easy! If I attempted this, I’d inadvertently adhere my hand to my forehead. Stopping by from Great Idea Thursday- have a great rest of the week!

    • Marie May 10, 2013

      Lol. I’m sure you would be fine! 🙂

  • Leslie May 9, 2013

    This is a fabulous idea…my little girl would love it! This would be perfect to link-up to my new series – “Create It Thursday.” It’s live now! http://www.lambertslately.com/2013/05/create-it-thursday-1.html

  • What a wonderful idea and great job on showing us how to make one. I have to see how to make things before I can do it! Thanks!
    Visiting from Katherines Fav Things Thursday Blog Hop! Stop by for a visit at http://www.homemaker-mom.com/2/post/2013/05/welcome-to-greener-pastures-at-chick-fil-a-win-free-salad.html

  • Krista Low May 15, 2013

    This is so fun! And you could choose whatever fabric you want is the great part. And you choose fabulous fabric by the way 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up this fun post @ Great Idea Thursday’s! Krista @ A Handful of Everything

  • Christi Jan 2, 2014

    I must have missed it but where did you get the metal and did you have it cut to size or was it just off the shelf?

    • Marie Jan 8, 2014

      Hi Christi,
      The metal is from Home Depot and it was cut to size. However, to avoid the metal corners, it can be cut 1″ smaller than the chipboard. Thanks for visiting! I love your creations!

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