When I was asked (as a favor) to make cookies for a Baptism, I automatically thought of cross cookies. I figured that it was the easiest shape to match the theme. Angel shaped cookies, onesies and other cute shapes would have made nice Baptism cookies, but I didn’t have any of those cookie cutters. I made some flower shaped monogrammed cookies just for variety. Looks much better on a platter to have at least two shapes. (Just my opinion :))

The color theme was off white with a deep shade of red. I was worried about the red shade, since it’s hard for me to get a nice red color, let alone a deeper shade of it.

Here is how I ended up with the icing shades:

For the off white, I wanted to be really careful not to over tint it so I added only one drop of Ivory Americolor Gel Paste to about 2 cups of white royal icing and mixed thoroughly.

The deep red icing was a bit more of a challenge. I started by adding Americolor Xmas Red, but it just wasn’t cutting it, so I decided to pull out the Super Red food gel. I had to add a tiny dab of Royal Blue and Black to it to deepen the shade a bit. At this point, I had added so much red food gel that I didn’t think the tiny bit of blue or black food gel would alter the color enough to ruin it. Which it didn’t so that was quite a relief! It darkened it just a little bit.

If I had to make a deep red icing again, I would start off with the Super Red, then add a dab of royal blue, then black if necessary. I only made 1 cup of the red icing as I was only planning to accent the main cookies with it and use it for some of the smaller accent cookies. I saved 1 cup of icing and left it  plain white, just in case I had to try mixing the red again……lol. The recipe for the cookie icing I used can be found HERE.

To Decorate the Cookies, I placed the red and the off white icing into two separate piping bags, fitted with #2 decorating tips. I piped the off white icing onto the cookies and immediately accented them with the red icing. For the cookies with the off white accents, I let the first layer of icing dry (at least for a few hours) before adding the accents so that they would stand out.

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Happy learning!

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