Finding a creative gift for a baby boy is sometimes difficult.  Having two girls of my own, I know that it’s easy to find all sorts of cute things for them.  When my nephew was born, he got a lot of second hand toys, and had an abundant amount of clothing.  So I wanted to make him a special baby gift.  That’s when I thought of the taggie blanket.  It’s great because I already had all of the supplies. And making it out of terry cloth meant that he could easily take it in the bath with him too – which works out perfectly because he loves the bath!

From the moment that he received the taggie towel he loved it!  All of the different colours of ribbon caught his eye.  It was such an easy sewing project and I left one side open so that you can put your hand inside to use it as a playful kind of puppet, and later it can be used as a pocket to hide things – to help him with the concept of object permanence.

My sister tells me that since he started working on his pincer grasp, he has started picking at each piece of ribbon and rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger to feel the texture.  And like every other baby he loves to put the taggie blanket in his mouth.

A taggie blanket is a great neutral baby gift.  And it’s nice for mom and baby because it keeps baby visually stimulated and has a few different textures for them.  My nephew has actually taken to his taggie blanket as a security item.  My sister puts it in his crib with him at naps and bedtime.
Overall, a pretty simple baby gift for any gender, and fun for many months!
Required Materials:
Assorted Ribbon (I used 15 five inch pieces in different widths for variety)
Pins (I used safety pins)
1. Gather your materials
2. Cut the desired ribbon into 5″ pieces
3. Place the washcloths lined up on top of each other with the wrong sides facing outwards.
4. Fold the ribbons in half and pin them in between the washcloths with the open ends sticking out. (Do this for 3 out of the 4 sides)
5. Sew the cloths together along the pinned sides, leaving the 4th side open. (You can use a sewing machine or sew by hand with needle and thread) I sewed it together by hand and it took much longer than if I were to use a sewing machine! Lol.
6. Remove the pins. (As you can see, I sewed down the open ends of the ribbon so that they wouldn’t stick out) It’s only the inside of the taggy towel/puppet so you don’t need to. I just wanted to.)
7. Reach your hand into the open end and flip it out.
Tada! You have an adorable multi-functional surprise for baby!
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