My sister recently moved and had to decide if she would keep all of her spices in the cupboard, like at her old house, or try something new.  She wanted to keep her kitchen counters clutter-free, while also making effective use of space.  It was an easy decision once she saw the layout of her new kitchen.

Her upper cupboard space was limited near her stove, and she and her husband decided it would be more practical to keep the spices near to where they would do most of their food prep.  So they decided that two top drawers in their kitchen island would be ideal.

They took their existing spice jars, that they labelled using a label maker, and placed them in the drawers alphabetically. It fit almost perfectly!

If you notice, they also have a line of regular spice jars, those are for the ones they shake to dispense in very small quantities.

It’s always very interesting to see how homes are organized, especially kitchen drawers and cupboards!

To easily organize your spices in the same manner, here are the items she used:
Spice Jars

Brother Label Maker

OR you could always purchase premade labels, like these.
Clear Round Spice Pantry Labels

I think that I will buy her a set of these Spice Measuring Spoons to keep in her new spice drawers!  That will truly complete the drawer organization and will be very convenient when she is prepping food.

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  • Stephanie Mar 4, 2013

    stopping by from the blog hop at:

    i wish i had the extra drawer space to do this!!!!


  • Angela Mar 5, 2013

    I love this idea! I keep mine in a cabinet and knock them over all the time. I found you via Take a Look Tuesday linky.


    • Marie Mar 6, 2013

      Lol. Glad you found me! I knock my spices and many other things over all the time too. I definitely need to get organized.

  • Kayla Mar 5, 2013

    You know, I like this- partially because spices are fresher if stored in a cool, dry, dark space. When we put them near our stoves, they get hot and cold alternately. Also- when you put them in an open “rack” they get a lot of sunlight. This one is good not just for your sister, but for the spices!

    • Marie Mar 6, 2013

      Those are great points! Yes, this is good for both her and the spices. Lol.

  • I lid-label and alphabetize my spices and keep them in pull-out drawers, too, but my jars aren’t uniform and as nice looking as your’s. I need to work on mine some more. Your’s look so nice. Thanks for sharing.

  • The OCD side of me absolutely loves this idea: the labels all look so neat and tidy. Much better than that jumble of bottles I currently have in my spice drawer. Thank you for sharing this! If you haven’t already, I’d love if you’d come join my How To Tuesday link party, too.


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