Birthday Parties are so much fun and to capture the memories, we always try to take a lot of pictures! I had my hands full this year though with nine little girls running around! In hindsight, I should have asked a friend to come to the party to take pictures, but I thought my husband could have taken them. The only reason, he couldn’t was because I decided to also buy a balloon animal kit for the party and he was busy making those for all the kids. Lol.

Regardless, we were able to take pictures of each little girl in this mermaid painting prop that we made the night before.  I got the idea for it after seeing Kristin’s (of More Than the MulberriesMermaid Foam Board which she made for her daughter’s birthday party. Each guest got a copy of the picture they took along with many other take home goodies.

To make this photo prop, I used a board that I got from the dollar store. I’m sure you can also find one at an office supply store.

I’m not too talented when it comes to drawing, so I asked my husband to draw a rainbow mermaid themed picture and then we painted it together using water paints. To write on the cake, we used markers since it was easier that way. My husband carefully cut an oval out of the foam board where the face of the mermaid is supposed to be so that everyone could get a picture of their face in the mermaid painting.

We were a bit behind when setting up for the party so we quickly hung the painting onto an easel so that the children were able to stand behind it to get their picture taken. I simply cropped the photo so that the easel wasn’t showing, before printing it out.

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