I really do love peaches……I always have, especially during peach season. However, the next time my sister asks me if I want to order fresh picked peaches by the box full, I’m going to have to politely say NO. Since, I said yes this time, I have been wondering about what things to do with peaches.

Can you freeze peaches? Yes, but I don’t have any room in my freezer!

Do you refrigerate peaches? Yes, but I have room in there for about one pound of peaches, not 25 pounds of them.

Do peaches ripen after picking? They most certainly do. (As I scramble quickly to find some easy peach recipes)

I was also wondering how to can peaches, but don’t think I will have the time to do so.  Something tells me that canning peaches is quite the time consuming project. I thought about drying the peaches, but that seemed quite time consuming as well. I usually like to know how to ripen peaches, since I don’t like to eat them when they’re firm. This time, I need to find some easy peach recipes…….fast! Having 25 pounds worth of peaches makes the kitchen smell lovely, but since they are ripe, it won’t take long before they stop smelling so good.

I didn’t opt for drying the peaches, which I could have saved to make peach tea. Instead, I made peach iced tea! I kept it simple and brewed a pot of white tea. I then let it cool down a bit, poured it into a jug half filled with ice, added peach slices (from 6 peaches), then gave it a stir. The flavor turned out nice and peachy so I didn’t bother adding any sugar or honey.

What did I do with the other 65 peaches? I ate a few, then fit as many as I could into the fridge. Next, I peeled and sliced the rest of them to make peach crumble! I ended up with 4 medium sized dishes of peach crumble, 3 of which I gave away to neighbors, while the other one was enjoyed with some of green tea after dinner.



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