Although most teas do not contain nearly as much caffeine as coffee does, I still tried not to drink too much tea while pregnant. A friend of mine who is a nutritionist lectured me on the affects of caffeine on the deveoping heart of a fetus so I tried to steer clear of tea, as often as I could. Little did I know that when it came to tea, the caffeine content in it should have been the least of my worries.

Many people will ask, can I drink tea when pregnant? It would seem that herbal teas would be safe to drink at any time since they are natural. However, much of the herbal content in tea can perhaps cause miscarriage if taken in large amounts.  Such herbs include sassafras, catnip, yarrow, comfrey, lemongrass, ephedra, anise, European mistletoe, hibiscus, Labrador,raspberry leaf,  licorice root, mugwort,horehound, pennyroyal, rosemary, sage, stinging nettle leaf, vetiver, and chamomile. Since I am naturally a worry wart, I just avoided any herbal tea while I was pregnant. I just drank the odd glass of weak green tea, usually accompanied by some sort of dessert.  I don’t think I could have possibly drunk enough herbal tea to cause any problems during my pregnancy, but it was one of those “better safe than sorry” situations. In my opinion, it was better to avoid the herbal teas altogether. After all, what’s a year or so without tea? 🙂

I would love to hear about anyone else’s experiences and opinions about drinking tea while pregnant. Please feel free to comment!

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  • Hi, I’ve read that drinking green tea is okay. It has less caffeine than orange pekoe or black tea. Some herbal teas they say are actually more dangerous to a developing fetus due to chemicals in certain herbs! Chamomile is supposed to be one of the safest for almost any situation unless you are allergic to ragweed.
    I just joined your blog through the Friday link party and am a major tea drinker or all sorts. Look forward to reading your blog more.
    Mary Ellen

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